PB 8.0 crashes during migration from PB 6.5.1

I'm attempting to upgrade our application from 6.5.1 to 8.0. I downloaded 
the evaluation version a couple of months ago and tested whether or not I 
would have problems and the migration went fine. Now the company has 
decided to go ahead with the upgrade to 8.0 and I'm getting Illegal 
Operation - "PB80 caused an invalid page fault in
module PBVM80.DLL at 0177:10c74274." when migrating the objects in the 
library list using the wizard. I then downloaded the latest patches to 
upgrade our build from 6028 to 8004 and this is still occurring.

Any ideas?

TIA for your help.
12/3/2001 10:13:05 PM
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Can you tell what object it's blowing up on?  Are you sure you have *all* of
the libraries in the library search path?

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001 17:13:05 -0500,
 in powersoft.public.powerbuilder.general
 <bmlee> wrote: 
>I'm attempting to upgrade our application from 6.5.1 to 8.0. I downloaded 
>the evaluation version a couple of months ago and tested whether or not I 
>would have problems and the migration went fine. Now the company has 
>decided to go ahead with the upgrade to 8.0 and I'm getting Illegal 
>Operation - "PB80 caused an invalid page fault in
>module PBVM80.DLL at 0177:10c74274." when migrating the objects in the 
>library list using the wizard. I then downloaded the latest patches to 
>upgrade our build from 6028 to 8004 and this is still occurring.
>Any ideas?
>TIA for your help.

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

---== Posted via the PFCGuide Web Newsreader ==---
12/4/2001 9:15:36 PM
yes, i'm sure i included everything in the library path. i ended up taking 
another copy from the production evironment and the migration went fine - 
must have had a corrupt object.

thanks for your help!
2/14/2002 9:22:05 PM

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