PB 7.0.2 doesn't work with ASA 7 on Windows 9x ?

Did anyone have this problem yet?

We deploy a PB7 (Build 8046) application on Windows clients, with an ASA 7 
DB. It works perfect on NT and 2K, but on Win9x on the first connection he 
gives an SQLSTATE 37000 "Syntax Error or Access Violation: Near '?' in 
?[?]??????????????????".  Remark, ODBC Connection works fine, ISQL works 
fine with DBISQL.exe but not from PB, and connecting to the DB, PB can't 
show column defintions, saying "this table contains no column".  Connecting 
to a SQL Anywhere 5 DB works fine again, it's just the combination PB7, 
ASA7, Win9x.
Do you have any suggestions?
10/2/2000 6:49:12 AM
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