PB 6.5 Vs PB 8.0

We have an application developed using PB 6.5. Recently we started running into
problems with the build and Visual Source Safe. We are considering migrating to
PB 8.0. What are the benefits of migrating to PB 8.0? Are there any major
benefits with respect to builds. I went through some of the postings on this
newsgroup, but could not get much information. If someone has any links or
ideas, it would help us a lot. 

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11/5/2002 11:34:06 PM
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Have you tried reading the newsgroup
powersoft.public.powerbuilder.source_control? There are a lot of
changes, many of which bring PB source control more in line
philosophically with general methods of source control. This is
different than previously in PB, so some adjustment is required.

Good luck,

Terry [TeamSybase] and Sequel the techno-kitten

On Tue, 05 Nov 2002 18:34:06 -0500, "Srinivas"
<srinivas_singaraju@hotmail.com> wrote:

>We have an application developed using PB 6.5. Recently we started running into
>problems with the build and Visual Source Safe. We are considering migrating to
>PB 8.0. What are the benefits of migrating to PB 8.0? Are there any major
>benefits with respect to builds. I went through some of the postings on this
>newsgroup, but could not get much information. If someone has any links or
>ideas, it would help us a lot. 

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I migrate my application from PB6.5 to PB 8.0. Should I change my PFC libraries from 6.5 to 8 or migration is enough? I'd consider them separate tasks. Get your app up and running and tested with the PFC6 PBLs, then think about whether you want to upgrade to PFC8 (e.g. to get new bug fixes). If you mix them and run into problems, you'll have a heck of a time trying to figure out which change caused it. Good luck, Terry [TeamSybase] and Sequel the techno-kitten On Wed, 14 Nov 2001 16:21:16 -0500, "Stan Shvabskiy" <sshvabskiy@align.com> wrote: >...

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Is there a migration path or available information to go from PB 6.5 using the PFC to PB 8.0. Also I've just start this with version 8.0 build 6028. From looking at the newsgroup listing it appears there is a most recent version out. I could not find it under downloads. thanks.... Migrating a PFC app from v6.5 to v8.0 is not a problem if carefully planned. We have just completed the process successfuly ourselves. The main issues you will get are that there are a large number of changes made to the PB8.0 PFC libraries from v6.5. You can either: - continue to use the PB6...

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