Passing Blob parameter to Oracle's stored procedure

What is PB data type equivalent to Oracle's LONG RAW?

Using PB5, I am invoking a Oracle's stored procedure one of whose
is of type LONG RAW.
I tried passing it as PB's string and blob type, and neither works;
it generates ORA-06502.
I cannot use UPDATEBLOB, and must use the stored procedure  because of
security requirement on the database.

Thank you.

1/23/1998 7:28:51 AM
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You have to declare a RPC function for that stored procedure. The RPC
declaration is part of the transaction object as an external function
declaration. So, create a transaction userobect, declare the RPC and use
the new transaction object for your application ( in the application
painter, variables ).

- Met vriendelijke groet,

  Eric Aling [TeamPS], Cypres Informatisering bv, The Netherlands

Yunki Paik <> wrote in article
> What is PB data type equivalent to Oracle's LONG RAW?
> Using PB5, I am invoking a Oracle's stored procedure one of whose
> parameter
> is of type LONG RAW.
> I tried passing it as PB's string and blob type, and neither works;
> it generates ORA-06502.
> I cannot use UPDATEBLOB, and must use the stored procedure  because of
> security requirement on the database.
> Thank you.
1/24/1998 8:49:05 PM

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