Migration pb 5.0.04 to 6.5


  I try to migrate an application to pb 6.5 and i have one error.  This 
is : C0123 - Function dupliquer differs from ancestor only by return type. 
But i don't have dupliquer function in my windows.  And
i don't know what's the problem. 

I need help!

6/22/2001 12:28:34 PM
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The answer you already got from Brian Dick looks like the right
answer. Did that not work for you?

Let us know,

Terry [TeamSybase] and Sequel the techno-kitten

On Fri, 22 Jun 2001 08:28:34 -0400, Robin_Gauthier wrote:

>  I try to migrate an application to pb 6.5 and i have one error.  This 
>is : C0123 - Function dupliquer differs from ancestor only by return type. 
>But i don't have dupliquer function in my windows.  And
>i don't know what's the problem. 
>I need help!

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Hi there! I need to make a System conversion. The System had made in Power Builder 5.04. I need to 'translate' it to Power Builder 6.5. Then, I need know what the problens and bugs in this MIGRATION... Thank you... Hi, There are no specific problems. First make a backup of your PB5.0.4 source and then migrate it to 6.5. If you get errors during the migration, repair them in the 5.0.04 sources and migrate again. HTH -- Gegroet - Eric Aling [TeamSybase], Cypres Informatisering, The Netherlands Eric's Home & PB Site @ http://utopia.knoware.nl/u...

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Hello, The migration went pretty well, but I have an error and don't know where to look. Here it is: Object: ue_cie_ie Instance Variables (0031): Error C0176: Badly ordered TYPE and VARIABLE declarations. Is this modified exported source? Any ideas?? Thanks in Advance, Fred. (fred.goldbach@fiserv.com) What's on line 31 of the instance variables? Terry [TeamPS] and Sequel the techno-kitten On Fri, 21 Aug 1998 19:06:08 -0400, Fred Goldbach <fred.goldbach@fiserv.com> wrote: > The migration went pretty well, but I have an error and...

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I am having problems running the my application after migrating it to PB 6.5. The application was migrated successfully. Then, I added all the new PFC objects and PBLs as per the guidelines provided by Sybase. The full rebuild was also successful except for a few warnings about instance variables of local structure type being implicit in the next release. However, when I start up the application and try to open any screen having datawindows, it crashes with Dr. Watson's error. Did anybody have a similar experience? Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. T...

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I recently migrated a PFC/PFE application from PB 5.04 to 6.5. I have compiled it down to p-code and am able to run the application from both the developement environment & from the EXE on the machine that has PB 5.04 installed on it. When I move the application and the PB 6.5 deployment DLL's to a machine without PB 5.04 on it, it starts asking me for the whole set of PB 5.04 deplymnt DLL's. It's like there is some sort of dependance on PB 5.04 that I didn't break during the migration process. My OS is NT 4.0 SP4 and the application path includes the app/pbd'...

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I "successfully" migrated from PowerBuilder 5.0 to 6.5. The application uses ODBC to connect to a Microsoft Access database. When the application executes after the migration, a few of the datawindows are acting strange. I get the following error upon a retrieve: SQLSTATE = 07001 Too few parameters. Expected 1. I've received this message many time in the past but it has always meants that the database I was pointing to did not contain the columns that the datawindow needed. In this case I am quite confident that the datawindow and the database are in synch ... Does an...

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Hi. Do I need to install PB 5.0.03 and after PB 5.0.04 or I can just install PB 5.0.04 ? You can just install 5.0.04. Make a backup of your pbls prior to installing 5.0.04 in case you need to revert back to the current version. hth, Anthony M. Perugini President Forte Information Systems, Inc. www.ConsultForte.com Having a Bad Day? www.ConsultForte.com/Disgruntled.htm Kleber Pimentel Koti wrote in message ... >Hi. >Do I need to install PB 5.0.03 and after PB 5.0.04 or I can just install PB >5.0.04 ? > > ...

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I found a difference between the two versions of PB. This is a difference that doesn't cause a compile or runtime error but the line of code fails to work as expected. :( In PB 5.0.04 the code is: il_secure_facs = icc_multi.of_facility_get_secure_facs( this ).fac_urn Where icc_multi.of_facility_get_secure_facs( this ) returns a structure that has been created in the structure painter (not an object structure) What I found is that in PB 6.5.444 the code fails to return the structure and also there is no compile or runtime error to indicate a problem. The workaro...

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