Migration from PB 5.0.04 to PB 6.5.1


Anybody have experience in migrating PB application from 5.0.04 to
6.5.1?   Is it a easy stuff, or we need to modify a lot for the

For the installation of PB 6.5.1, do I need to
install 6.0, then 6.5, and then 6.5.1, and then 6.5.1 EBF,
or I can start in the mid-way?

Is there any performance gain (or loss) for 6.5.1 vs 5.0?

Thanks in advance ...Andrew 11Jan2000

1/11/2000 1:43:44 AM
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The migration should be straightforward.  Back up your PB 5.0.04 source,
run the migration once and note the errors, warnings, etc... that are
generated from the migration.  Fix those in your backed up source, make
a copy of the updated source, migrate again.  Lather, rinse, repeat as

I believe 6.5 comes as a full install and does not require 6.0 to be
installed first, but I'm not 100% sure.  You should check with your
Sybase sales rep.  You will have to download and apply the EBF's
yourself, though.

As for performance, my gut feel is that PB 6.5.1 should be a bit faster
than 5.0.04, but everyone's mileage varies.  Only testing will tell for
sure.  Part of this depends on the machine, amount of RAM, and, of
course, what your application is doing.

There have been a large number of issues with PB7's performance, both in
the development environment and at deployment and Sybase is working on
those issues.



Andrew Cheung wrote:

> Hi,
> Anybody have experience in migrating PB application from 5.0.04 to
> 6.5.1?   Is it a easy stuff, or we need to modify a lot for the
> migration?
> For the installation of PB 6.5.1, do I need to
> install 6.0, then 6.5, and then 6.5.1, and then 6.5.1 EBF,
> or I can start in the mid-way?
> Is there any performance gain (or loss) for 6.5.1 vs 5.0?
> Thanks in advance ...Andrew 11Jan2000

1/11/2000 4:29:27 PM

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