How to make DataWindow column resizable like Excel column

Does anyone know how to make DataWindow column behave like
Microsoft Excel column. When user expanses or reduces a
column, other columns should slid accordingly.
9/10/2003 2:33:26 PM
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What you're describing is native to the grid style. Is that not what
you're using, and if not, should you be? <g>

Good luck,

Terry [TeamSybase] and Sequel the techno-kitten

On 10 Sep 2003 07:33:26 -0700, James S wrote:

>Does anyone know how to make DataWindow column behave like
>Microsoft Excel column. When user expanses or reduces a
>column, other columns should slid accordingly.

Sequel's Sandbox:
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9/10/2003 2:46:18 PM

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I'm using PFC with PB 11 I have a datawindow control with its resize service working. Now I want resize the controls within the datawindow ie columns I thought the resize service would do. But database columns does not adjust to full screen Lee Thanks Alex B. Have you called of_register() to register the columns (and other DataWindow objects) with the service to "tell" it how to resize each and/or how much to resize them? -- John Strano - Sybase Technology Evangelist <Lee Sayed> wrote in message

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