How can I get the reference of nested report in datawindow?

I will like to insert or modify data in nested report.
I am using pb65.



8/20/1999 4:05:27 AM
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    Reference the DataWindow's GetChild() function in the on-line help.

Mark DeRosa

simon wrote in message ...
>I will like to insert or modify data in nested report.
>I am using pb65.

8/21/1999 12:09:04 AM
GetChild() can only get reference to dddw or to a report in a composite dw.
it can't get reference to nested report.


8/21/1999 3:32:12 AM
Use the dot notation. e.g.

dw_1.Object.nt_cutomer.Object.Data = dw_customer.Object.Data

simon wrote:

> GetChild() can only get reference to dddw or to a report in a composite dw.
> it can't get reference to nested report.
> simon


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