Grid Datawindow and resize columns


My datawindows are Grid type, the property "MouseSelection", on the first
tabpage, is unchecked.  It's posible resize the columns without  that
property active?


7/18/2002 6:54:03 PM
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In PB 8.0, I can resize columns in a grid window with Mouse Selection
checked or unchecked.

Resizing columns doesn't require being able to select them. The icon for
selection and resize is different. Selection is the normal arrow and resize
is the vertical bar with 2 horizontal arrows, 1 to pointing to each side.

jo in okc

"Luis Cortes" <> wrote in message
> Hi.
> My datawindows are Grid type, the property "MouseSelection", on the first
> tabpage, is unchecked.  It's posible resize the columns without  that
> property active?

7/19/2002 3:48:51 PM

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Can you remove the white space at the end of a grid, it seems to appear when we set columnwidths to '0'.. ICE I've not seen that. What version of PB are you using? What platform? On Tue, 27 Aug 2002 11:42:02 +0200, in powersoft.public.powerbuilder.datawindow ICE <> wrote: >Can you remove the white space at the end of a grid, it seems to appear when >we set columnwidths to '0'.. > > >ICE > > Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase] Not 1 - but 2 new books on developing with PowerBuilder...

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On a per-column basis, or for the whole datawindow in general? Because you can already turn it off for the whole thing... -- "Don't just fix; teach." Some informative links: news:news.announce.newusers On a per-column basis. Because there are picture or button object in some columns. And if you resize this colums, pictures show larger then original. "Jason...

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It's possible that my cuestion sounds stupid, but is there a way in the datawindow designer to define the column width in a grid datawindow (numerically)? I can do it with the mouse and with edit source, but I don't found a property to set the column width. Thanks, Alex B. No - that's a "feature" of the grid datawindow. In the Preview pane, you can grab and resize column widths (but you have to have gridlines ON) -- Paul Horan[TeamSybase] Cynergy Systems "Alex Bibiano" <> wrote in m...

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I have migrated an application from PB7.0.3 to PB10 and I am having problems resizing columns at run-time on a grid datawindow which has the grid setting turned on and Column Moving and Mouse Selection both checked. The datawindow is part of a "Preview" feature of the application which allows users to modify the look of a view by changing column width, sort order, etc. Any ideas? Thank you, Create a grid dw in PB10. Do you have the same problems? I was able to create one and didn't. This may be a migration issue. If so I would recreate the datawindow. Dawn &g...

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Hi, here's my question: I have grid style dw with some columns in it that should not participate on the column resize feature of the grid style dw. Because those columns contain bitmap expressions they should not resize. Otherwise the bitmap being displayed resizes too. That's not what I want. For the columns containing text data resizing should be valid. Background: Formerly I used a list view control, but the listview can only handle display one picture column. That's why I used a dw. But column resizing must be generally available except those columns who contai...

Column resize in a grid datawindow in a tab contril
I have a grid style datawindow sitting in a tabpage of a tab control. The users would like to adjust the column widths sometimes. When the edge of a column is clicked the divider bar comes up as if to allow the resize but when the mouse is moved to a new width, the column only resizes a small amount and the cursor turns into the dragdrop icon. In a normal window, it seems the grid datawindow resizes just fine. Is there some sort of problem within a tabpage? Jerry OBrien You have a conflict between the resizing/moving feature of the grid DW and the dragdrop feature of the D...

Disable resize on one column in a grid datawindow
Hello, I am attempting to disable the resize functionality for one column in my grid datawindow. I would like to have all other columns in the datawindow resizeable. I have reviewed the powerbuilder help and found the column property 'resizeable', but it does not seem to ever prevent resize on the column. dw_details.Modify("display_order.Resizeable=0") I am using Powerbuilder 11.1 Build 8204 Any help on disabling resize on one column would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Karen See attached <Karen Bailey> wrote in message news:48497e4f.4394....

Event for column move/resize in grid datawindow
It would be very very helpful if an event on the datawindow control would fire when a column in a grid datawindow was moved or resized by the user. Like a ColumnResizing event with dwo, row, oldHeight, oldWidth, newHeight, newWidth parms. Of course in a grid you would have a null dwo if it was just a pure vertical resize and row would be null if it was a pure horizontal resize as all columns or rows, respectively, would get the effect. I'd go for that. I bet it would be a pretty easy thing for Sybase to implement as well. -EGM M. Searer <> wrot...

resizing the computed column width in a grid datawindow
How can i resize the width of a computed column to the length of the text in the column to display the entire text. You'll have to use a set of API to determine actual number of PBU needed to display a full text using current font settings. There's no way to do that in native PB code. I can give you code example if needed. "Sukhvinder Singh" <> wrote in message news:435f10bc@forums-1-dub... > How can i resize the width of a computed column to the length of the text > in the column to display the entire text. > ...

Column resize in Grid having Grid mode Off
Hi All I need to automatically resize the width of all the columns in a Grid Datawindow depending upon the maximum length of the data in the columns. The Grid should not be displayed so I had to set the grid to "OFF" which causes the Mouse selection to be "off" as well. This changes needs to be done in a generic format so that it can be implemented across all the datawindows which is there. Any suggestions? -Nikhil > > I need to automatically resize the width of all the > columns in a G...

In previous versions of PB there was the ability in a grid data window to resize a column. Also there was the ability to hide a column by keeping the mouse clicked and pass to other column but now in order to hide a column you must keep the mouse clicked and go exactly to the begin of the column which is very difficult. If you keep the mouse clicked and pass to the previous column the column does not resize =96 hide. I was able to do this in previous versions of PB. My current version is 9.0.1 build 7204. Please give me an answer if this is a bug and if your planning to fix it. ...

How to make DataWindow column resizable like Excel column
Does anyone know how to make DataWindow column behave like Microsoft Excel column. When user expanses or reduces a column, other columns should slid accordingly. What you're describing is native to the grid style. Is that not what you're using, and if not, should you be? <g> Good luck, Terry [TeamSybase] and Sequel the techno-kitten On 10 Sep 2003 07:33:26 -0700, James S wrote: >Does anyone know how to make DataWindow column behave like >Microsoft Excel column. When user expanses or reduces a >column, other columns should slid accordingly. Sequel&...

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I know - Evita - AGAIN???? :-) This is for my teammate who's going crazy. He has a grid datawindow of 4 columns and wants to move say column 4 between current columns 1 and 2 but whatever he does WON"T let him slide it over. Is there some setting he needs to set someplace or is he stuck? Thanks -- Evita R. Chapa Senior Systems Analyst Command Technlogies, Inc I'm not meaning when it's running...In design we need the column moved over from where it was (column 4) to where it needs to be (between current columns 1 and 2) Thanks Evita <Victo...

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