Get Column Number Using Column Name

This ones burning me because, I am sure i've done it before and It's simply 
slipping my mind. 

I need to be able to get a column number using the column name.

i.e. Column name = 'effective_date'.

Using effective date - get the column number that belongs to effective 

Any help is appreciated!!

11/13/2002 9:47:10 PM
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Good Luck

Michael Walker
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William_Shiers wrote:

> This ones burning me because, I am sure i've done it before and It's simply 
> slipping my mind. 
> I need to be able to get a column number using the column name.
> i.e. Column name = 'effective_date'.
> Using effective date - get the column number that belongs to effective 
> date.
> Any help is appreciated!!
> Thanks!!

11/13/2002 9:48:23 PM
Assuming you example of Column_Name = "effective_date"


Integer          li_ID

li_ID            = Integer(dw.Describe(Column_Name + ".ID"))
11/13/2002 10:37:16 PM
Great!! Thanks!
11/13/2002 10:40:32 PM

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