Enter key with button

Hi everyone, I just noticed that the enter key in my application does not 
trigger the button-clicked event when that button has focus, rather the space 
bar key works, and was just wondering if this is something new in the latest 
patch of PB 9 or has it always been that way.  I checked with an older PB 8 
application I have, and the enter key seems to trigger the button-clicked. 
Perhaps this is an XP issue?

I'm using PB

Any ideas?


1/26/2004 4:31:09 PM
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It always ws and is like this.
Enter key triggers the DEFAULT's button clicked event, Space
bar triggers the button with focus...

> Hi everyone, I just noticed that the enter key in my
> application does not  trigger the button-clicked event
> when that button has focus, rather the space  bar key
> works, and was just wondering if this is something new in
> the latest  patch of PB 9 or has it always been that way.
> I checked with an older PB 8  application I have, and the
> enter key seems to trigger the button-clicked.  Perhaps
> this is an XP issue?
> I'm using PB
> Any ideas?
> Thanks.
> Phil
1/26/2004 4:37:36 PM

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