Datawindow printing problem

In both version 5.0.04 and 6.5 if you set your computer to large fonts
the reports print out differently.  The font size on the reports is
exactly the same but there is more space between the headings and lines
are longer.  It is causing our program to print reports on two pages
when a user chooses large fonts.  Is this a know PB bug?  Is there a

Thanks in advance,

Scott Bray
Rise HealthWare
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4/7/1999 7:22:38 PM
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This is known, but is a design issue, not a bug. PB 6 was changed to make it
more compatible with the Windows standards for font rendering. Do you need
to use both PB5 and 6.5 for these reports, or is it strictly a migration

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Scott Bray <> wrote in message
> In both version 5.0.04 and 6.5 if you set your computer to large fonts
> the reports print out differently.  The font size on the reports is
> exactly the same but there is more space between the headings and lines
> are longer.  It is causing our program to print reports on two pages
> when a user chooses large fonts.  Is this a know PB bug?  Is there a
> workaround?
> Thanks in advance,
> --
> Scott Bray
> Rise HealthWare
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4/9/1999 6:59:43 PM

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i have some problems with printing. it print after each side a empty side! can someone help me? ---== Posted via the PFCGuide Web Newsreader ==--- kazi wrote: > i have some problems with printing. > it print after each side a empty side! > > can someone help me? You should post to the powerbuilder.general newsgroup as this group is for PB problems when used in EAServer. However, you may want to look at making sure you have no controls ( columns, text etc. ) that are outside the normal printing area. S...

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