Copy Datawindow Data to a Structure


I have seen an example of copying data of a datawindow to a Structure, but I
don't remember the syntax.  CAn you help me?

I have tried:

structrue_x istr_x = istr_x
The above works but dw_1 contains more than 1 row, so I tried

structrue_x istr_x[ ] = istr_x

Then I got a systemerro.

PB 5 16Bit

4/21/1999 9:06:54 AM
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Your subject gives the impression that you want to copy the data FROM the
datawindow TO a structure. But your sample script does the other way round.
Otherwise you are on the right track. That is:

structrue_x istr_x[ ]
istr_x =

Hope I am on the right track!!


Kathy LO wrote:

> Hi,
> I have seen an example of copying data of a datawindow to a Structure, but I
> don't remember the syntax.  CAn you help me?
> I have tried:
> structrue_x istr_x
> = istr_x
> The above works but dw_1 contains more than 1 row, so I tried
> structrue_x istr_x[ ]
> = istr_x
> Then I got a systemerro.
> Kathy
> PB 5 16Bit

4/21/1999 9:23:20 AM

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