Conflict - PowerBuilder 11 Beta and PowerBuilder 8 Enterprise

I have PowerBuilder 8 enterprise in my system for my
existing packages. I would like to test my packages in
PowerBuilder 11 Beta version.
Is there any problem if I download and install the Beta
version of PowerBuilder 11, to the system which contain the
PowerBuilder 8?
9/24/2007 6:42:29 PM
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The beta is over, but the evaluation version is available at
There shouldn't be any problem with multiple versions of PB on the same 
machine - different folder and dll names. Many of us have run 3 or 4 
different versions concurrently!

<Jemson Kuriakose> wrote in message
>I have PowerBuilder 8 enterprise in my system for my
> existing packages. I would like to test my packages in
> PowerBuilder 11 Beta version.
> Is there any problem if I download and install the Beta
> version of PowerBuilder 11, to the system which contain the
> PowerBuilder 8?
> Thanks... 

9/24/2007 7:01:40 PM

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