compare date to a date

I have in a where clause the following statement.

  SELECT "sales"."sale_date",
    FROM "payment",
   WHERE ( "sales"."sales_id" = "payment"."sales_id" ) and
          "sales"."sale_date" = :a_date

sale_date is of type date and the retrieval arg is of type date.
But I keep getting the error that u can't convert to a timestamp.
There is no timestamp in the where clause or even in any columns..
So what the hell is wrong with this??????

11/4/2002 4:27:07 PM
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It depends on your rdbms. If it's Oracle, as you know, there's no "date"
datatype there, hence all the PB dates are supposed to be converted into
datetime or "timestamp" format. So just try to assign datetime type to your
retrieval argument.

"MJN" <> wrote in message
> I have in a where clause the following statement.
>   SELECT "sales"."sale_date",
>          "sales"."ling_no",
>          "sales"."course_no",
>          "sales"."product_no",
>          "sales"."service_no",
>          "sales"."quantity",
>          "sales"."amount",
>          "payment"."amount",
>          "payment"."payment_form"
>     FROM "payment",
>          "sales"
>    WHERE ( "sales"."sales_id" = "payment"."sales_id" ) and
>           "sales"."sale_date" = :a_date
> sale_date is of type date and the retrieval arg is of type date.
> But I keep getting the error that u can't convert to a timestamp.
> There is no timestamp in the where clause or even in any columns..
> So what the hell is wrong with this??????
> THanks

11/4/2002 4:33:11 PM
Another way to solve this is to use the SQL
DATEDIFF function:

select ... where DATEDIFF(days, column, :as_date) = 0

Provided of course that your RDBMS has one!

You may have to declare as_date as PB type datetime and then
set the time to 00:00:00 

as_date=datetime(date(today()), time('00:00:00'))

11/4/2002 5:23:52 PM
>>Another way to solve this is to use the SQL DATEDIFF function: 
select ... where DATEDIFF(days, column, :as_date) = 0

Provided of course that your RDBMS has one!

You may have to declare as_date as PB type datetime and then
set the time to 00:00:00 

as_date=datetime(date(today()), time('00:00:00'))


Or use other dbms date functions to convert the column and/or the argument 
to a common format (e.g. convert(char(8), @dateIn, 1) in Sybase ASE).

11/4/2002 9:31:44 PM
if you're using Oracle, use the trunc function to strip off any time component.

On Mon, 4 Nov 2002 12:23:52 -0500,
 in powersoft.public.powerbuilder.general
 <woz> wrote: 
>Another way to solve this is to use the SQL
>DATEDIFF function:
>select ... where DATEDIFF(days, column, :as_date) = 0
>Provided of course that your RDBMS has one!
>You may have to declare as_date as PB type datetime and then
>set the time to 00:00:00 
>as_date=datetime(date(today()), time('00:00:00'))
11/5/2002 5:10:33 PM

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