Calling win32api functions from powerbuilder

    I used to use a function called FindWindow in the user.exe windows 3.11
api library. I want to move my app. to a 32 bit app. on windows 95 using
pb5.0. How do I declare this function in windows 95 and what library can i
find it in? The old declaration syntax was:

function int FindWindow (string classname, string window) library "user.exe"

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


11/17/1998 2:21:50 PM
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FUNCTION uint FindWindowA (long classname,  &
string windowname) LIBRARY "user32.dll"

Then add code like the following to your application's open event:

uint  val

val = FindWindowA(0, "MyApp Main Window")

IF val > 0 THEN
 MessageBox("Application already running", &
 "MyApp is already running. You cannot &
 start it again")


Mahendra Dhamdhere, CPDA
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Rohit Sankholkar wrote:

> Hi,
>     I used to use a function called FindWindow in the user.exe windows
> 3.11
> api library. I want to move my app. to a 32 bit app. on windows 95
> using
> pb5.0. How do I declare this function in windows 95 and what library
> can i
> find it in? The old declaration syntax was:
> function int FindWindow (string classname, string window) library
> "user.exe"
> Any help will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Rohit

11/17/1998 2:46:30 PM
It's called FindWindowA, and it's in user32.dll

Rohit Sankholkar wrote in message ...
>    I used to use a function called FindWindow in the user.exe windows 3.11
>api library. I want to move my app. to a 32 bit app. on windows 95 using
>pb5.0. How do I declare this function in windows 95 and what library can i
>find it in? The old declaration syntax was:
>function int FindWindow (string classname, string window) library
>Any help will be greatly appreciated.

11/17/1998 3:56:19 PM

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