Calling 16 bit DLL from 32 bit PB app

Is it possible to call a 16 bit C DLL from a 32 bit PB application?  If so,
what is the correct calling convention in C.

I am using PB 6.5.1

Brian Wetzel

4/18/2000 10:24:23 PM
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On Tue, 18 Apr 2000 17:24:23 -0500, "Brian Wetzel"
<> wrote:

I seem to recall there used to be a white paper on the Sybase Web site
describing how to access 16 bit ODBC from 32 bit PB. That makes me
thing that it is possible, but I don't remember the specifics. You
might want to check out the Sybase site and see if you can find
anything. I'll check around with some people I work with and see if
they know anything.

Jon Credit[TeamSybase]

>Is it possible to call a 16 bit C DLL from a 32 bit PB application?  If so,
>what is the correct calling convention in C.
>I am using PB 6.5.1
>Brian Wetzel

4/19/2000 12:59:00 AM

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I want to know if it is possible to call a function out of a 16 bit dll from within a Power Builder App that was compiled in 32 bit. If so, How ? Hi, No. This is not possible direclty. The most simple way is to get a 32bit version of that DLL, but you probably don't have that right? So, your in deep shit. You could create a thunking layer, which is a 32bit layer, converting 32bit calls to 16bit but this is not an easy task to do. Other option is creating a 16bit VB oleserver which calls your DLL. This ole server can be used within your 32bit PB environment. But first, try to g...

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I've migrated a 16-bit app to a 32-bit app recently. The one problem is that we purchased a communications DLL from a third party who has since gone out of business, so there's no chance at getting a 32-bit version. The DLL is 16-bit, and PowerBuilder (32-bit) has a problem opening the library. Is there anyway to call functions in a 16-bit DLL from a 32-bit application? Chris, Unfortunately not. Unless the DLL is 'thunkable', then it can't be accessed from PB. Who is/was the 3rd party vendor? hth, -- Anthony M. Perugini Principal Consultant CPDP,...

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Hi, In our powerbuilderapplication we call a little third-party16-bit dos application. The strange thing is that the third-party application runs if we start it manually, but it won't run if we start it from our pbapp!! Then we get the following fault... ntvdm-288 ..... 16-bits ms_dos subsystem ntvdm-288.248.2f0001 %systemroot%\system32\config.nt. The systemfile is not suited for ms-dos or ms-windows applications. Choose close or ..... The file is called from our powerbuilderapp with createprocess(.........) Thanks, ICE Try RUN( ) instead. /ck "ICE"...

32-bit & 16-bit PB apps
Is anyone successfully running a PB 5.0.0x 32-bit PB app and a 16-bit PB app simultaneously on the same machine? Note: There were fixes in 5.0.03 (changes in internal class names) that allowed this to happen. After this change, the class names between 16 and 32-bit were different, so could be loaded at the same time. Anything previous to 5.0.03, this is a known shortfall. However, be aware that the change in class names may break some testing tools' scripts built in previous versions (not the good testing tools, but some... ). The good testing tools know how to adjust for PB c...

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We developed an exe application in PB5 32-bit. Since we needed to use third-party 16-bit dlls for one module, we developed a stand-alone 16-bit exe that is run by the 32-bit and use DDE to communicate between the two. In addition, we want to terminate the 16-bit exe when the 32-bit exe is closed. Although the relationship between the 16-bit and 32-bit has always been touchy, we have been able to run them concurrently. Unfortunately, we have been unable to bring both applications down gracefully. Usually we get a WIN95 version of the GPF ("This application will be closed&...

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We want to run Excel 97 (32-bit) from a PB app (16-bit PB5.0.2). We cannot get Excel 97 to run from a 16-bit PB app with the "Run(Excel.exe)" function. How can we get it to work? Is it any work-around, outside software or middle ware to enable us to do this? TIA, Soo You can try using an excel OLE control and calling the ole_control.Activate(OFFSITE!) command to activate excel. Be careful though I have had difficulty using a 16-bit pb app making ole calls on a 23-bit OS like Win95 - it seems to cause big gpf's. Soo Lam wrote: > We want to run Excel 97 (...

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A 16 bit PB 5.0.02 application can't use the maillogon function to initiate a mail session with the 32 bit Microsoft Outlook mail client. The application performs the maillogon call (sending the appropriate profile name) and then returns an error message to the user indicating that the mail session could not be started. This has been tested on both Windows 95 (SR1) and Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (Service Pack 3). A 32 bit version of the same app. works fine. The 16 bit app. does work with the 16 bit Outlook client, although the user still has to select a profile even though th...

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