Are you using PB 5.0.03 version of PBODB050.DLL with PB 5.0.04??

PB 5.0.04 applications connected to SQL Anywhere 5.5 will GPF on
disconnect when ODBC 3.5 or greater is installed.  I believe this may
only happen for win95 as opposed NT/98.  

Replacing PBODB050.DLL with the PB 5.0.03 version has been a common
'folk remedy'.  We have just discovered a problematic side-effect: 

If instead of connecting to SA 5.5, you connect to SA 7, and your PB
application uses datawindows which retrieve through calls to Stored
Procedures, then such a retrieve produces a database error:

	Select error: SQLSTATE = S1009
	[Sybase][ODBC Driver]Invalid use of null pointer

We replaced the 5.0.03 version of PBODB050.DLL with the 5.0.04 version
and saw this error disappear.

11/2/2000 12:12:49 AM
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