16-bit API calls for file information?


    Does anyone know a way in which to get the date, version, etc.
information about  file using 16-bit version of PB enterprise 5.0.3?
I've not be able to find a reference source for 16-bit APIs.

Thanks for any help,

Sean Campbell

4/23/1998 6:54:12 AM
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AFAIK, there are none. You have to create a DLL in order to get this
information. Perfect job for a PB C++ userobject.

- Met vriendelijke groet,
  Eric Aling [TeamPS], Cypres Informatisering bv, The Netherlands

Sean A. Campbell wrote in message <353EE593.65D964AC@teleport.com>...
|    Does anyone know a way in which to get the date, version, etc.
|information about  file using 16-bit version of PB enterprise 5.0.3?
|I've not be able to find a reference source for 16-bit APIs.
|Thanks for any help,
|Sean Campbell

begin 666 Eric J Aling.vcf
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
4/23/1998 8:49:52 PM
Here's a 16-bit routine that will get the date & time for a DOS file.
You can cut it and paste it into a file and import it into PowerBuilder.
global type gf_get_file_datetime from function_object
end type

forward prototypes
global function integer gf_get_file_datetime (string arg_filename, ref
datetime arg_file_datetime)
end prototypes

global function integer gf_get_file_datetime (string arg_filename, ref
//	Integer function gf_get_file_datetime( ) 
//	Uses Window OpenFile() API call to determine a file's 
//      datetime stamp.
// The following Windows 3.1 API declaration must be declared
// as either a PowerBuilder local or global external function:
// FUNCTION int OpenFile( string filename, 
//			ref gs_ofstruct ls_ofstruct, 
//			int wstyle ) library "kernel.exe"
// A global structure must be declared in PowerBuilder;
// the exported global structure's source is displayed here
// for completeness:
//    $PBExportHeader$gs_ofstruct.srs
//    global type gs_ofstruct from structure
//    character cbytes
//    character ffixeddisk
//    unsignedinteger nerrcode
//    unsignedinteger reserved[2]
//    character szpathname[128]
//    end type
gs_ofstruct ls_ofstruct
integer		li_wstyle 
integer		li_result
string		ls_pad
uint			lui_work
integer		li_day
integer		li_month
integer		li_year
integer		li_seconds
integer		li_minutes
integer		li_hours
date		ld_date
time		lt_time
datetime	ldt_datetime

// Windows 3.1 API OF_EXIST constant value. 
// This tells OpenFile() to determine if the file  
// exists. If it exists, the file is closed. 
// This does not appear to update the file's date/time:
// that is, it does not appear to "touch" the file.
integer		OF_EXIST = 2^14

li_wstyle	= OF_EXIST

// Set up for API call to OpenFile().
ls_pad = Space( 128 - len(arg_filename))
arg_filename = arg_filename + ls_pad

ls_ofstruct.cbytes		= " "
ls_ofstruct.ffixeddisk	= " "
ls_ofstruct.nerrcode		= 0
integer i
ls_ofstruct.reserved[1] = 0
ls_ofstruct.reserved[2] = 0
FOR i = 1 to 128
	ls_ofstruct.szpathname[i]	= " "

// Call API function to get file characteristics.
li_result = OpenFile( arg_filename, ls_ofstruct, li_wstyle ) 

IF li_result > 0 THEN
	// First word contains the file's year, month and day.
	// Day is in bits 0-4.
	lui_work = ls_ofstruct.reserved[1]
	lui_work	= lui_work * 2^11 
	li_day   = lui_work / 2^11

	// Month is in bits 5-8.
	lui_work = ls_ofstruct.reserved[1]
	lui_work = lui_work * 2^7  
	li_month = lui_work / 2^12

	// Year is in bits 9-15. ( 0 corresponds to the year 1980).
	lui_work = ls_ofstruct.reserved[1]
	li_year  = lui_work / 2^9  + 1980

	// Combine the 3 values to get a date value.
	ld_date = Date( li_year, li_month, li_day )

	// Second word contains the file's time values: hours, minutes,
	// Bits 11-15 contain the hours.
	lui_work		= ls_ofstruct.reserved[2]
	li_hours 	= lui_work / 2^11 

	// Bits 5-10 contain the minutes.
	lui_work		= ls_ofstruct.reserved[2]
	lui_work		= lui_work * 2^5
	li_minutes	= lui_work / 2^10 

	// Bits 0-4 contain a value that represents (seconds/2).
	lui_work		= ls_ofstruct.reserved[2]
	lui_work		= lui_work * 2^11
	li_seconds	= lui_work / 2^11
	li_seconds  = li_seconds * 2

	// Convert to a time datatype.
	lt_time = Time( li_hours, li_minutes, li_seconds )

	// Combine the date and time values to a datetime datatype.
	arg_file_datetime = DateTime( ld_date, lt_time )
	// OpenFile() error occurred.

end function
Sean A. Campbell wrote:
> Hi,
>     Does anyone know a way in which to get the date, version, etc.
> information about  file using 16-bit version of PB enterprise 5.0.3?
> I've not be able to find a reference source for 16-bit APIs.
> Thanks for any help,
> Sean Campbell
4/24/1998 4:38:37 AM

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