store procedure datawindow problem

In sybase ASE 11.5, I wrote such a store procedure:
(@arg_parm1 char(40),
 @arg_parm2 char(40)  )

CREATE TABLE #temp_alertlist(
 steprec_id decimal(18,0),
 ifalert  char(1),
 type  char(255),
 content_1 char(255) null,
 content_2 char(255) null,
 content_3 char(255) null,
 content_4 char(255) null,
 windowname char(255) null

Insert into #temp_alertlist

SELECT * FROM #temp_alertlist

In pb8, I made a datawindow from this store procedure, when I preview it, it
returns the correct results, but when I put this datawindow in my
application and run the application, it raise the error:
database error:
error no: 277
error msg:
select error: There was a transaction active when exiting the store
procedure 'up_myproc'. The temporary table '#temp_alertlist' was dropped in
this transaction either explicitly or implicitly.This transaction has been
aborted to prevent database corruption

and it return no results!
When I worte this store procedure in SQL server, It doesn't has this
who can help me!
Thanks a lot!

10/17/2001 6:17:32 AM
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Are you doing anything else in the stored proc other than insert and 
select? Have you tried executing the stored proc outside your application 
like in SQL Advantage? if not, try it there first.  try to retrieve the dw 
in PB.  if both are working fine then take a look at how you are retrieving 
the dw in your application. 
good luck!
10/17/2001 3:21:56 PM
set the autocommit property of the transaction object to true and try it 

i hope this will work for sure...

i had something of this sort but with sybase...

all the best
10/18/2001 5:44:18 AM

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