Problem with date fields !!

Hi folks !!
    I have a peculiar problem w.r.t datawindow columns of type date.We
are using findrequired to check for null columns in the datawindow.we
have set the required field and empty string is null option for all the
columns in the datawindow.It works fine and we are able to trap the
required columns.The problem occurs when a field type is date  and the
format to be shown is dd/mm/yyyy.Since findrequired does not work with
fields with edit masks we cannot set an edit mask of dd/mm/yyyy to the
date columns.So we took an alternative.We set the edit style for the
date columns as edit and not edit mask, and enabled  the required field
option and empty string is null for the date column.In this way we were
able to successfully implement findrequired functionality, except for a
few hitches....
The findrequired worked only if the user did not enter anything in the
date column which is functionally correct.The invaid date entered
entered by the user was trapped by code written in itemchanged event.The
real problem came when the user entered a valid date ..for eg
:-10/10/2000.This is evaluated as a valid date.. as expected but when
the data goes to the primary buffer after itemchanged event.. we get the
date data in the date column in the format dd/mm/yy.So we end up with
the date being shown as 10/10/00.This is absurd !! Is there anyway we
can show the date in the format dd/mm/yyyy to the user without using
edit masks . This would help us a lot.

Any sample code regarding teh above will be a great welcome ..



7/24/1997 7:34:58 PM
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