Printing of large blobs in a single datawindow

I'm running into a little problem with printing a 900-some line blob in a
datawindow.  Every time this text goes to print, several lines are printed
on top of one another and pages are left blank- something that is quite a
bit of a surprise, given that everything looks just fine when displayed in
my print preview window.

It was suggested to me that PowerBuilder may have a problem with printing
objects that are larger than one page and that I may want to break the blob
up into chunks of 300 or so characters to print.  This seems like an awful
lot of work to do something that will still probably give
less-than-satisfactory results (blindly breaking things up into 300
character blocks may cause breaks in the middle of paragraphs, sentences,
and words).  Is there any other way around this, or is this the only

Thanks in advance for any help that any of you can give on this.


5/13/1999 6:22:26 PM
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