PageCount() with Nested Datawindow in Composite Datawindow

Hi Everyone,

I use PB 11.5.1 Build 4740 (last build).
I have a problem when I am trying to print out a composite datawindow.
I have a composite datawindow with 3 nested datawindow, when I try 
dw_composite.Retrieve() it works fine, but when I put 
dw_composite.Print(), I faced a problem with the second nested 
datawindow: the number of pages.
For example, I have two pages and the print is "Page 2 of 2" to the 
first page and "Page 2 of 2" to the second one. I am using the function 
This just occurs to print option, when I am using retrieve option it 
works fine.
Other think, this problem just begins to happen with PB 11, because with 
(PB 9 Build 8836) I didn't face this issue.

Anybody can help me ?
Thanks a lot.
6/3/2010 11:50:19 AM
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