Microsoft SQL 6.5 - PB 6.0 - Timestamps - Help!

We've been using Microsoft SQL Server timestamps in datawindows since PB
3.0.  However, I've done a test conversion of our apps to 6.0 and now
timestamps no longer seem to work.  If you update a column in a datawindow
with a timestamp, you will now invariably get back the message:

Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ')'.
No changes made to database.
UPDATE b_lockbox SET address2 = 'test' WHERE lockbox_num = 5  AND
tsequal(timestamp, )

In the PB 3 thru PB 5, the actual timestamp would appear after the comma and
everything would work out hunky-dory.  Now, not so good.

Is this a bug?  If so, is it fixed in 6.0.01?  What is the planned release
date for 6.0.01?

One last thing, with every release since PB 3.0, I've asked that I be able
to choose timestamp as the column type when specifying a SQL result set for
the datawindow from a sproc.  Three releases later, I still have to export
the datawindow and type in the datatype of timestamp because I can't pick it
from the drop down.  I'm sure it would only take five minutes for someone at
Powersoft to fix and it has been a problem for years and years.  How can I
get this tiny fix done?


3/17/1998 5:23:18 PM
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