Is there a way to determine if a DDDW is down or not?

Is there a way to programmatically determine if a DDDW is down or


6/17/1998 4:15:59 PM
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Have you tried examining :

<DW Control Name>.Describe("<Columnname>.DDDW.ShowList")


- Eric Aling [TeamPS], Cypres Informatisering bv, The Netherlands

Harry Evangelou wrote in message <>...
>Is there a way to programmatically determine if a DDDW is down or

6/17/1998 7:33:24 PM
Hi Eric,

Isn't <DW Control Name>.Describe("<Columnname>.DDDW.ShowList") just a Yes/No
that corresponds to the "Always Show List" checkbox in the Edit tab of the
Column Object properties for the edit style DropDownDW?

Eric Aling [TeamPS] <> wrote in message
>Have you tried examining :
><DW Control Name>.Describe("<Columnname>.DDDW.ShowList")
>- Eric Aling [TeamPS], Cypres Informatisering bv, The Netherlands
>Harry Evangelou wrote in message <>...
>>Is there a way to programmatically determine if a DDDW is down or

6/18/1998 11:50:01 AM
Thanks Eric, but that does not seem to do anything other than giving
me always a No (since that is what the property is set on).  I also
found out that the up/down keys do not generate a keydown event.  They
only generate a itemchange event.  Any idea how to trap those keys or
how to determine that the DDDW is down or not??



Eric Aling [TeamPS] wrote:
> Hi,
> Have you tried examining :
> <DW Control Name>.Describe("<Columnname>.DDDW.ShowList")
> --
> - Eric Aling [TeamPS], Cypres Informatisering bv, The Netherlands
> Harry Evangelou wrote in message <>...
> >Is there a way to programmatically determine if a DDDW is down or
> >not??
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
> >Harry
6/18/1998 2:23:30 PM
 > Harry Evangelou wrote in message <>...
 >Is there a way to programmatically determine if a DDDW is down or

Actions to a DDDW are fired through the pbm_command event.  Since
pbm_command event does not have longparm and wordparm as an argument,we
need to obtain that from the message object

LongParm holds the handle of the DDDW
WordParm holds the actions as event id
     Event                    ActionID from WordParm
     Clicked                  1281
     RowFocusChanged          2048
     RightMouseButtonDown          2314
     Left Button Up           2313
     Retrieve End             769
     MouseMove           2311

Steve Benfield had an excellent topic on this in the PB Conference.
The session was Supercharged Datawindows PM70, U might want to look at the
conference materials from PB website.  You can get more reference from Jan
1995 PBDJ also.


6/18/1998 5:19:41 PM

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