DW-Stored Procedure problem with MS-SQL7 and PB7

Hello all,

This is a severe problem for us.  Here are the details:

1. Evaluation copy of PB 7.0 from Sybase.
2. Stored procedure on MS-SQL Server 7.0
3. The System procedure sp_dbcmptlevel on the server returns the following
when run on our database in the Query Analyzer:
"Valid values of database compatibility level are 60, 65, or 70."

So far so good.  I attempt to build a simple grid (or any) dw based on a
stored procedure, and get an error (can't remember the exact wording now)
about datatype or data size conversion error, and I can never create a dw
based on the stored procedure.

The procedure runs without errors on the Query Analyzer, and I can build as
many datawindows as I care to on pb 6.5.1. based on the same stored
procedure in same database.  The procedure is extremely simple, gets two
parameters (long) and returns one result set.

Existing datawindows created on the same stored procedures in PB 6.5.1 and
migrated to PB 7.0 (again, the same eval copy) run fine - after some size
adjustments were made to a few string columns.

Is this a known problem with the eval?  is there a fix or does the
full-release version solve this problem?

I don't need an urgent answer but we really need an answer.  We are
considering a major migration of a mission critical system to PB7.
4/20/2000 1:50:44 AM
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