Describe("DataWindow.Objects") Functionality for Report DataWindow object Doesn't Work

Hello there.
I want to change the nested report object(s) attributes.

I had used Describe() function to get objects -("DataWindow.Objects").
After removing the tab spaces I was able to get the object name within that 
DW. By checking the Attributes -(ls_obj + ".Attributes") I came to know by 
finding "nested_argument"  that the current object is (nested) report. 

Now if I assigned this object to the DDDWChild/Any variable it gives error 
either at compilation or at run time.
If I created a datastore locally & assigned the dataobject of the current 
object (report) ((ls_obj + ".Name") and (ls_obj +".DataObject")). If I used 
to get the objects of this report object  it works fine. But if I modified 
any of the properties it does'nt get reflected in my datawindow control. 

I just want to use either GetChild() on report nested object OR
use ls_obj.Describe("DataWindow.Objects") to access the objects of nested 
report object dynamically within a loop instead of hard coding it.

Please help me for any another way to accomplish my task.

3/8/2002 7:16:29 AM
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