Datastore using Datawindow with Nested report

Hi !

I want to create a bill in a datastore on a server in a client/server
(All my datawindows are external !)
The following instructions work fine with a datawindow control !

lds_consommation = create datastore
lds_consommation.dataobject = "d_bill_consom"
lds_consommation.setitem(1,"amount","   3802")

dw_1.Object.dw_consommation.Object.Data = lds_consommation.Object.Data

But, i have a problem assigning data from a datastore into a nested report
in my datastore "lds_bill" wich contain the nested report "d_bill_consom". 

lds_bill = create datastore
lds_bill.dataobject = "d_bill"

lds_consommation = create datastore
lds_consommation.dataobject = "d_bill_consom"
lds_consommation.setitem(1,"amount","   3802")

lds_bill.Object.dw_consommation.Object.Data = lds_consommation.Object.Data

This instruction does not work with a datastore!  Why ???

Anyone have an idea ?
Thanks !

1/13/1998 6:19:07 PM
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On Tue, 13 Jan 1998 13:19:07 -0500, "Michel Lemieux"
<> wrote:
There is a bug retrieving nested datawindows in a distributed
environment. The work around we have taken with this is to actually
open a window with a datawindow. We treat the datawindow just as we
would the datastore.
We also have taken this one step further, the window is actually
opened from a datastore, and functions have been placed on the
datastore to set the dataobject, etc. This way when Powersoft fixes
the bug we can just remove the window and process our code on the DS
instead of the window without having to change application code that
calls the DS.

Jon Credit[TeamPS]
CLM Concepts

Have a heart,

>Hi !
>I want to create a bill in a datastore on a server in a client/server
>(All my datawindows are external !)
>The following instructions work fine with a datawindow control !
>lds_consommation = create datastore
>lds_consommation.dataobject = "d_bill_consom"
>lds_consommation.setitem(1,"amount","   3802")
>dw_1.Object.dw_consommation.Object.Data = lds_consommation.Object.Data
>But, i have a problem assigning data from a datastore into a nested report
>in my datastore "lds_bill" wich contain the nested report "d_bill_consom". 
>lds_bill = create datastore
>lds_bill.dataobject = "d_bill"
>lds_consommation = create datastore
>lds_consommation.dataobject = "d_bill_consom"
>lds_consommation.setitem(1,"amount","   3802")
>lds_bill.Object.dw_consommation.Object.Data = lds_consommation.Object.Data
>This instruction does not work with a datastore!  Why ???
>Anyone have an idea ?
>Thanks !

1/14/1998 2:24:44 AM

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