copy data Excel in Dw

I want to input data from an Excel in a datawindow. 
How can I do ?
5/23/2003 2:55:34 PM
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To import data from Excel you can use OLE automation to create an Excel
process in the background.

OLEObject  ole_object

myoleobject = CREATE OLEObject
ole_object = CREATE OLEObject

 If ole_object.ConnectToNewObject('Excel.application') <> 0 Then
      Messagebox('Rate Transfer','Could not connect to Excel~n~r Error code
'+String(li_rc) )
      Return -1
end if

open the workbook
ole_object.workbooks.Open(is_pathname)    <--- contains path and excel
filename to open

//Set active the worksheet

//get values
la_anyval = ole_object.Application.ActiveSheet.Cells(li_row,li_col).Value

ole_object.ActiveWorkBook.Saved = TRUE


if ole_object.DisconnectObject() < 0 then
 Return -1
end if

<nicolas_S> wrote in message
> I want to input data from an Excel in a datawindow.
> How can I do ?

5/23/2003 5:45:56 PM

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