Convert string to number #2

Hey all,

I have got a text field in the summary band in a report datawindow which
I want to set to a value at runtime and the value will come from the
user. The value will be used for further addition and substraction. How
do I convert this value from a string to a number?  Thanks in advance
for any help.

Jian Kuang

6/4/1999 2:01:52 PM
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Depending on the scale or type of number, you can use Dec ( ), Long ( ),
Double ( ), Real ( ), or Integer ( ). All of them call for a string or blob

Jian Kuang <> wrote in message
Hey all,

I have got a text field in the summary band in a report datawindow which
I want to set to a value at runtime and the value will come from the
user. The value will be used for further addition and substraction. How
do I convert this value from a string to a number?  Thanks in advance
for any help.

Jian Kuang

6/4/1999 2:31:21 PM

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