column field length < database field??

I have a datawindow in which I have a column field.
in the column field the length that I have fixed only fit 40
The database field length is 50 char.

The question is...What property/ies Do I have to set for I
could write 50 chars although they weren't seen altogether
in the datawindow column field?

Thanks in advance
12/30/2003 12:23:03 PM
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    Export the DW into it's "source" code. Then change the column length to
50 and re-import the source code!
regards ... Chris

<jomarca1> wrote in message
> I have a datawindow in which I have a column field.
> in the column field the length that I have fixed only fit 40
> chars.
> The database field length is 50 char.
> The question is...What property/ies Do I have to set for I
> could write 50 chars although they weren't seen altogether
> in the datawindow column field?
> Thanks in advance

12/30/2003 12:34:28 PM
One way to synchronize the datawindow column buffer size and the
database column size is to go to the datawindow SQL painter, use the
mouse to *slightly* move one of the selected columns (let it snap back
into place) to trigger "the SQL has changed" flag, go back to the
datawindow painter saving the SQL "changes", and review the datawindow
column specifications to see if buffer size has changed.

On 30 Dec 2003 04:23:03 -0800, jomarca1 wrote:

>I have a datawindow in which I have a column field.
>in the column field the length that I have fixed only fit 40
>The database field length is 50 char.
>The question is...What property/ies Do I have to set for I
>could write 50 chars although they weren't seen altogether
>in the datawindow column field?
>Thanks in advance

12/30/2003 1:58:30 PM

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