Change graph color in DataWindow

I am using PB9:

Is there a way to change the color of a graph using the DataWindow syntax. 
We do not have coding opportunity and need a way to change the graph color 
using the syntax.  Any ideas?



12/2/2005 7:36:50 PM
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//this is the code to change the color of the datawindow
//but it doesn't work for a datawindowchild
long ll_seriescount , li_rc, ll_gr_color, ll_cnt
string ls_series_name

ll_seriescount = dw_1.SeriesCount('gr_1')

for ll_cnt = 1 to ll_seriescount
    //get the series name
    ls_series_name = dw_1.SeriesName('gr_1', ll_cnt)
    // Set the color of the series
    li_rc = dw_1.SetSeriesStyle ('gr_1',ls_series_name,
foreground!, 0)

> I am using PB9:
> Is there a way to change the color of a graph using the
> DataWindow syntax.  We do not have coding opportunity and
> need a way to change the graph color  using the syntax.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks,
> Drew
12/2/2005 9:48:47 PM

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