AutoSize not working #2

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This is really weird... I have 2 dw with one text column each, and each 
with autosize properties set. In the first dw(which has the largest text 
length) the autosize works perfectly but in the second it doesn't.

I kind of suspect the problem it's in the string, but I don't see any 
"strange" char or something like that. I've tried on PB 8.0.4 and PB 
10.2.1 and on ASE 12.5 and 15.5

I've been playing around with properties and some others workarounds I 
googled, but none of them worked(BTW by not working I mean that does not 
break the string into many lines. But I'm sure it's retrieving the whole 

I've attached a demo table and a dw in PB 10.2.1 hoping someone can find 
something wrong in the properties and help me.

Thanks in advance!

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Create table autosize_test
	campo	text

Insert into autosize_test
Select 'QzxoNKJAc2f9EZVocGsk36xA++kmXPZDYvk/Ea6m7PW/58nhW5S6djC579dVdsyXQa6IdIRQrOVi3ah2UaRCxNq0XjOlTDVrs/aYKu+IyvTk9ry3f7l5RV+DAMlzumF8pigmvMZ3ir0H/ayskbMF/fpvoF4hKaiW4XaP6LSzY1Y='

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12/9/2010 4:22:01 PM
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