Watcom 4.0 and PB 5.0.03

How can I using PowerBuilder 5.0.03 and Watcom 4.0 ( from PowerBuilder
4.0.05)?. I know that I need to define an ODBC profile, but I have ODBC
32bit ODBC DataSource Administrator, and I don�t view nothing reference
about WOD40W.DLL, and I can�t declare any profile. Is necessary to install
other utility?.
thanks and excuse me for my little english.

12/3/1997 11:12:56 PM
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>How can I using PowerBuilder 5.0.03 and Watcom 4.0 ( from PowerBuilder
>4.0.05)?. I know that I need to define an ODBC profile, but I have ODBC
>32bit ODBC DataSource Administrator, and I don�t view nothing reference
>about WOD40W.DLL, and I can�t declare any profile. Is necessary to install
>other utility?.
>thanks and excuse me for my little english.

A 32bit application, such as Powerbuilder, cannot use a 16bit
datasource.  You will need to install 32bit watcom sql.  Or, you could
install 16bit powerbuilder. 

Leo Tohill - Team Powersoft
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12/4/1997 4:05:35 AM

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