Problems with MS Access Date Time

I am using PB 701 with a Microsoft Access Database.  Whenever I try to 
update a data window with a date time column in it I get an syntax error 
message on theupdate or insert statement.  It is trying to insert the 
datetime in the form {ts 2001-12-02 }.  Any help would be greatly 

Edney Holder
12/2/2001 10:53:54 AM
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In the pbodb70.ini file you specify the format that PB7 will use.
Check the [Access] section.  Mine is set to:

Now look further down in the file and find the section
; ********************************************************************
; Date Formats
; ********************************************************************
Here you find the definition for the NO_MSECS_DATETIME parameter (or
whatever yours is set to).
Terry Dykstra (TeamSybase)
Please state PB / OS / DB versions in your post.
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<> wrote in message
> I am using PB 701 with a Microsoft Access Database.  Whenever I try to
> update a data window with a date time column in it I get an syntax error
> message on theupdate or insert statement.  It is trying to insert the
> datetime in the form {ts 2001-12-02 }.  Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> Edney Holder

12/3/2001 7:16:36 PM

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