PB 9.x and Oracle 9.9

Has anyone used PB 9.x against an Oracle 9.9 database?  If
so, did you experience any strange, inconsistent or
undesirable behavior?

1/30/2004 10:46:36 PM
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9.9?  That the beta for 10g?  <grin>

PB 9.x against 9i, sure.  There are some issues with timestamp
columns.  It's laid out in the readme.text file:

Date and Timestamp datatype conflicts
Oracle 9i databases and the PowerBuilder O90 interface support
a new Oracle timestamp datatype. This datatype includes the date
and the time including milliseconds. The existing Oracle Date 
datatype does not include millisecond information. In a DataWindow,
both the Oracle Timestamp and Date datatypes are mapped to the 
PowerBuilder DateTime datatype, which supports millisecond 

In previous releases, the millisecond information was truncated when
used with the Oracle Date datatype. In PowerBuilder 9.0, millisecond
information is not truncated. As a result, when performing multiple
updates to a DateTime field that maps to a Date column, the first 
update succeeds, but subsequent updates fail with a row changed 
between retrieve and update error. As a temporary workaround, a new
TimeStamp DBParm has been provided.

If you are using the O90 interface with a database that uses only 
the TimeStamp datatype, PowerBuilder handles DataWindow updates 

If you are using the O90 interface with a database that uses only 
the Oracle Date datatype, set the DBParm TimeStamp to No to revert
to the previous behavior of truncating millisecond information.

If you are using a database that uses both Date and TimeStamp
datatypes, you must determine which columns use each datatype,
and strip the milliseconds from the Date columns using code like
the following:

   datetime dt 
   dt = datetime (date(string ( today() ,"dd/mm/yyyy")),  &
      time(string ( today() ,"hh:mm:ss "))) 

[CR 300345]

On 30 Jan 2004 14:46:36 -0800, kelly wrote:

>Has anyone used PB 9.x against an Oracle 9.9 database?  If
>so, did you experience any strange, inconsistent or
>undesirable behavior?

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

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1/31/2004 1:26:19 AM

In addition to Bruce's comments

Problem Description:
PowerBuilder crashes when executing an Oracle 9i Release 2 stored procedure
without arguments.

Tip or Workaround:
In PB 9 release bulletin:
6.6.4 Oracle9i Release 2 stored procedure issues
The PowerBuilder O90 database interface for Oracle 9i has been tested with
Oracle 9i Release 1, and its use with Oracle 9i Release 2 is not currently
supported. Some issues have been observed when executing an Oracle stored
procedure without arguments using Oracle 9i Release 2 ( and have
been reported to Oracle. The Oracle bug number is 2673203, and a fix is
expected in release [CR 293930]

Oracle CLIENT needs to be upgraded to

Resolutions: third party

Case - CR 293930

If you can't upgrade ( for some reasons ) to y
you can handle this problem by using RPCFUNC instead of DECLARE, EXECUTE:
// Transobject
    subroutine my_proc() RPCFUNC alias for my_pack.my_procedure
// Code

and another Oracle 9I related problem:
if you have CHAR OUT parameters in the procedure defined as something%type
    you have to:
a) change them to varchar2
b) use ONLY RPCFUNC to call them from the PB (don't forget to alocate memory
before calls )


Alex Osin

<kelly> wrote in message news:401ae132.78dd.846930886@sybase.com...
> Has anyone used PB 9.x against an Oracle 9.9 database?  If
> so, did you experience any strange, inconsistent or
> undesirable behavior?
> Thanks!

1/31/2004 2:27:43 AM

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