Informix + PB 6.5: which I-Net for PB 6.5?


I want to migrate our PB4/ PB 5.01 16 bit Informix
applications to 32bit.

Which version of CLI/I-Connect and which PB 6.5 build
do you recomend me? We are using 7.13 and 7.30 OnLine.



PS. I need ISO 8859.2 <-> ISO latin 2 (1250) conversion.

12/18/1998 9:34:53 AM
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We use the latest INFORMIX-Connect v 7.2 drivers for our PB 6.5 apps. These
drivers are available for free download (actually INFORMIX-Client SDK, of
which INFORMIX-Connect is the runtime component) from the Informix website
12/18/1998 3:38:01 PM

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