where I can find patch for PB 5.0 or PB 6.5

To enable me to work with PB 5.0 or 6.5 and Access 2000 I need to down load
the patch.
Kindly advice


3/25/2000 7:27:23 AM
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softwarexpress.sybase.com.  Only for 6.5 though (the 6.5.1 maintenance release).
There's nothing that can be done for PB 5.x.

On Sat, 25 Mar 2000 12:57:23 +0530,
 in powersoft.public.powerbuilder.connectivity
N N Mathur <uspl@mantraonline.com> wrote: 
>To enable me to work with PB 5.0 or 6.5 and Access 2000 I need to down load
>the patch.
>Kindly advice

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I currently support a couple of PB5.0 applications and I am looking to upgrade them to PB 6 or 6.5. I read the 6.5 documentation that said you need to remove all previous versions of PB before installing. I would like to have 5.0 and 6.0 or 6.5 coexist so that I can still support the old application while I work the 6.5 to learn and study the upgrade. So, can they co-exist and what problems might I run into? Thanks , Doug I have PB5 16-bit, (5.03), PB5 32-bit (PB5.04), PB6.5 and PB7 on the same machine - They live in different worlds. Make sure you keep backups of code and main...

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We are using PB 5.04 Enterprise at this moment and are almost happy (uch) with it. Because we don't programming applications for the Internet (maybe in the near future) we haven't upgraded to version 6.0 and 6.5. Now we are confused what to do, keeping the old and 'stable' version (5.04) or upgrading to a newer version. Are there features in the newer versions wich make it a 'must' to upgrade. What are this features. Or are there reasons to stay on 5.04 (buggy newer versions?). What is doing the rest of the Powerbuilder world??? Greetings, Hans Groeneveld ...

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I have a client who needs to move from an initial PB 5.0 release (no patches applied) to a newer version of PB. This is a small internal application but they would like to open it up via the internet in the future. They are currently running on a SQL Anywhere DB but would be looking to change that also. I don't have any hands on experience with PB 7.x but from what I heard and read it hasn't been that great. I've been using PB 6.5 since build 444 and was thinking of recommending that they make the move to 6.5 first and then wait for PB 8.0 later this year. Any thoug...

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Hi all, I began developing a large application using PB 6.5.0 several months ago. For various reasons, we had to migrate the code to 6.5.1. After performing some recursion testing, we noticed that many operations involving datastores ( create, insert rows, update, destroy ) began generating random GPF/Page Faults. The code itself hasn't changed and was verified in PB 6.5.0 via extensive testing. This is a hard one to pinpoint since the crashing is somewhat random. I've read some posts that indicate that certain dot notation can be problematic. All objects were fully rebuilt...

Experiences with PB 6.5.1 vs. PB 6.5.0
Any people run into any problems with 6.5.1 (+ EBF 1163) that were not there in vanilla 6.5.0. We have to migrate very late in the game (1 week before going live!) due to problems with 6.5.0 Oracle drivers and I would appreciate any advice on anything that got broken in that release. TIA, -- -------------------------------------------------------------------- Jacek Furmankiewicz STS Systems - http://www.stssystems.com --------------------------------------------------------------------- 6.51 introduces a peculiar side effect during update() of datawindow - scrolls the d...

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I am testing an application that worked fine in PB 5.0.04 but does not work in PB 6.5. It has a specialized pfc_postupdate syntax in a window that was basically copied from PFC to the window, modified and then over-ridden. The problem is in the apo_control count for updated objects. Since going to 6.5 it does not account for all updated objects on the window (there should be 3 and it is only reporting 1)??? The debugger in PB 6.5 just sends me in circles when I try to locate the problem. Any help is greatly appreciated. Tom, Have you looked into the logical unit of work servi...

PB 5.0.02 to PB 6.5
Hi, I tried to miograte our applications to PB6.5, all it's riht. In developpement mode, all it's ok. I do the excutable OK. I launch it : ERROR, call settrans object ....Datawindow information, not available !! I recompile the exe with trace mode and a lot of messages boxes to see if the SQLCA transaction, it's ok. I launch, transaction it's ok, I get the error message, the trace file is empty !!! What 's wrong doctor ? Could you give me some help ? fred Have you dynamically assigned the datawindow object - e.g., dw_1.DataObject='d_mydat...

Oracle Client 8.1.7
Hi all, I have a question about compatibility between PB native driver and oracle sql*net for different versions of Power Builder. We have 3 applications developed in 3 different versions of Power Builder:, and 7.0.10047 All of them are using the Oracle Client 8.1.6 and accessing via PB Native Driver to Oracle. Although this is combination is not supported, the person in charge of the PB part tested this combination and decided to upgrade the oracle client from version 7.3.X to 8.1.6. So far it is working properly for us. Now, if it is decided to move to ora...

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Hello, The migration went pretty well, but I have an error and don't know where to look. Here it is: Object: ue_cie_ie Instance Variables (0031): Error C0176: Badly ordered TYPE and VARIABLE declarations. Is this modified exported source? Any ideas?? Thanks in Advance, Fred. (fred.goldbach@fiserv.com) What's on line 31 of the instance variables? Terry [TeamPS] and Sequel the techno-kitten On Fri, 21 Aug 1998 19:06:08 -0400, Fred Goldbach <fred.goldbach@fiserv.com> wrote: > The migration went pretty well, but I have an error and...

PB 5.0.04 to PB 6.5 Migration
This sounds like a goofy question but I am migrating some PFC dependant applications from PB 5.0.04 to PB 6.5 and was going to reset the library list to the new PB 6.5 PFC libraries, but I can't find them in 6.5. Where are they? Check to make sure you installed them. By default, unless you do a custom install, they aren't. (Don't ask me why, I think they should be deployed by default so everyone can start using them). If they were, then look under: C:\Program Files\Sybase\PB6\ADK\PFC On Thu, 6 May 1999 09:32:37 -0500, in powersoft.public.powerbuilder....

Problems migrating from PB 5.0.03 to PB 6.5
I am having problems running the my application after migrating it to PB 6.5. The application was migrated successfully. Then, I added all the new PFC objects and PBLs as per the guidelines provided by Sybase. The full rebuild was also successful except for a few warnings about instance variables of local structure type being implicit in the next release. However, when I start up the application and try to open any screen having datawindows, it crashes with Dr. Watson's error. Did anybody have a similar experience? Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated. T...

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