Problem to access ACCESS.MDB

I want pipe data from ACCESS-Database to SQL-AnyWhere with Powerbuilder.

I can connect the Acces-DB (Format ACCESS 2000 ) with ACCESS  2002

I have made an ODBC DSN for this File.

When i try to access the data from Powerbuilder 10.02
I get the Error-Message:

>>>> Table "table1" has no columns, possible invalid table format <<<<

What I have to check or change ??

7/8/2005 6:57:42 AM
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Is Access 2002 a unicode version?  You may have to set a paramater in DBPARM... 

On 7 Jul 2005 23:57:42 -0700,
 in sybase.public.powerbuilder.connectivity
Peter Stojkovic <> wrote: 
>I want pipe data from ACCESS-Database to SQL-AnyWhere with Powerbuilder.
>I can connect the Acces-DB (Format ACCESS 2000 ) with ACCESS  2002
>I have made an ODBC DSN for this File.
>When i try to access the data from Powerbuilder 10.02
>I get the Error-Message:
>>>>> Table "table1" has no columns, possible invalid table format <<<<
>What I have to check or change ??

7/11/2005 4:52:36 PM

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