Future of Powerbuilder


Has anyone seen the article in computerworld issue of sep 27th 1999 - 
The Future of Powerbuilder?
Looks like it is time to jump out of the ship!

10/7/1999 1:16:26 PM
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Bala wrote in message <#AImoYME$GA.270@forums.sybase.com>...
>Has anyone seen the article in computerworld issue of sep 27th 1999 -
>The Future of Powerbuilder?
>Looks like it is time to jump out of the ship!

Except you should not believe everything you read. I remember the mutterings
after PB 6.5 and currently Sybase is shipping  EAS which PB 7.0 forms part
of. Again I was at Sybase TechWave 99, and saw the demos of PB's web
technology at the main presentation.

On a seperate note, I remember when Microsoft started shipping ATL (Active
Template Library) and rumours that MFC was dead started flying around 2
years ago. Well is it? Does not seem to be. In fact it has been enhanced
over the past 2 years.

Your best way to get some idea of where Sybase is going is to do a
comparative review between PB6.5 and PB7.0. Find out what is new and hot.
Find out what is old and has been dropped. Find out what has been enhanced.

This gives an idea of future.

Hope this helps

Stephen Howe [TeamSybase] (In search of excellence)

10/7/1999 6:52:14 PM
I think Powerbuilder has a definite future.  Hopefully when the Sybase
marketing program gets out of stealth mode, there might be more positive
press for all of the Sybase product lines.

John Langston

10/22/1999 6:00:08 PM

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