What is the meaning of the .NET Compiler under PB ?

Is going to be a generation of MSIL or C# code ??


10/31/2004 11:05:31 AM
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You should ask this over in the powerbuilder.future_directions
section, not a PocketBuilder section.

On 31 Oct 2004 04:05:31 -0700, "Nestor" <nesfree@hotmail.com> wrote:

>What is the meaning of the .NET Compiler under PB ?
>Is going to be a generation of MSIL or C# code ??

Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase]

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10/31/2004 12:47:30 PM

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What is the meaning of the .NET Compiler under PB ? Is going to be a generation of MSIL or C# code ?? Thanks Nestor wrote: > What is the meaning of the .NET Compiler under PB ? > > Is going to be a generation of MSIL or C# code ?? > > Thanks > > MSIL. -- Roy It means I will be able to use assemblies written in any MSIL compliant language in PB and vice versa? Leon Habinsky. "Roy Kiesler [TeamSybase]" <SPAM_FREE_roy.kiesler@teamsybase.com> wrote in message news:41855a69$1@forums-2-dub... > Nestor wrote: > > ...

I have mentioned this idea a couple of times but have not heard from any Sybase employees. I think that instead of spending a bunch of time and money adding .Net deployment to PowerBuilder they should instead create a brand new product called PowerBuilder.Net. PowerBuilder.Net would be a native .Net language that combined the best features of PowerBuilder ( DataWindow, the way inheritance works, etc ) with the .Net framework. Being able to reuse existing PB code in the new product isn't as important as being able to reuse developer knowledge. Allot of companies are c...

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All, I have been struggling with PBNI on a project and am wondering if there might be an easier way to solve my problem. In the past our PB apps used DDE to receive instructions (mostly logon/logoff). We are required to use a different method of communication and one of them is an ActiveXControlLib.dll (a .Net assembly generated from a an ActiveX control). In C# communication with this dll is quite simple but for the life of me I am stuck as to how it can be done in Powerbuilder short of using PBNI (I know next to nothing about C++). Do I have any other options? Thanks muc...

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All, I just read Sean Flynn's whitepaper (title = Subject), and I wondered what the reaction was from the PowerBuilder faithful. There are a few point I might quibble with (I'm very good at quibbling <g>), but I would say this is a very realistic and accurate assessment of PowerBuilder versus Augmented (by framework) .NET development capabilities. So rather than scuffling in the thread "Using PB 11 Dot Net components", or requesting features one at a time... would it not be more appropriate to address the big picture? Individual features (many of wh...

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I am notsure if I am in the correct newsgroup. I have heard that PB11 is .Net compatible. What does that mean? We have an application uild in PB 9, how difficult is the conversion to PB11? Can an application converted from PB9 to PB11 be opened in Visual Studio? If the application is opened in Visual Studio, wll this look like C# to a C# developer and PB developer? What would the same program look like when open with PB developer tools? PowerBuilder 11 can compile your existing PowerBuilder applications to ..NET assemblies (as Windows Form, Web Forms, standalone assemblies, or Web S...

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When does Sybase plan to support .NET objects in PowerBuilder? We already use PowerBuilder 7 to create COM objects and have successfully deployed them on MTS and called the COM object functions from ASP pages. As a software vendor of library information systems our clients aren't interested in purchasing Jaguar when they can run our web applications on Microsoft's IIS/MTS for free. We are planning for the next generation of our web products and have a dilemma. We have already invested 5 years into writting PowerBuilder C/S Windows and ASP/PB COM web applications. I...

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All; FYI ... Looks like the latest release of PB 11 seems to finally work with PowerDesigner 12.x (12.1 in my case) instead of only PD 10.x. This should make Dave Dichmann happy <lol>! So for you adventuresome testers out there with PB 11 and PD 12.x, please try and make some QA time to test drive this new symbiotic relationship <bg>. If you do not have PB 11.Net but would like to join the PB 11.Net Beta program, please follow this link: http://response.sybase.com/forms/ITSG06MayPowerBuilder110Beta Regards .. Chris Thanks for the update!!! I kno...

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Hi all I think I am gona be crazy, all are asking for .Net developers, Skills, I want someone to put some spots on what is .Net developing and How Powerbuilder can help develop such skills, and if I can use my PB skills into that field or I have to go else where Thanks in advance ------------------------------------------------------- Waleed Seada ------------------------------------------------------- I just spent a week trying to compare PowerBuilder to .NET. There's a few recent posts in the general newsgroup you can look at. Basically, though, ..NET is a collec...

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