PowerBuilder Bugs: Using VB ActiveX control (OCX) in PowerBuilder 6.0

I'm going to write some VB ActiveX control (using Microsoft VB6.0 SP3)
to be used in PowerBuiler 6.5,
but I found that it's very easy to crash in PowerBuilder,

Here is the test case:

1) Create a very simple VB ActiveX control (only one button without any
script) in Visual Basic
2) Create a PB project to open a Main Window (w_1) with an ole object of
VB ActiveX control
3) Open another Window (w_2) with an ole object of VB ActiveX control
(can be same as previous or other control)
4) Click the OLE object in w_2 to make it get focus
5) Close w_2 -> it will crashed

If it skip 4) the does make the object get focus, it won't crash.

This is a very simple application, very simple control, but it crashed
100%.  If the same object (or even more complicated object) is used in
VB for same kind of application, no error will be reported.

This error can be easily tested even using PowerBuilder Example problem
for OLE 2.0, open two window and load an OCX with button.  If the OCX
never get focus, no error is report, but if it has focused, then error
is reported when you close the window.

May I know if anybody here has encounter this problem.

Since there are many commercial  product written in VB, it seems that
this problem can be overcomed by some way.  Does anyone know that how
can I prevent the error?

Thanks and regards,
James MA

12/15/1999 2:13:24 AM
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