pb ole web browser post or get

Does navigate do a post or a get?  If it does a get how do I do a post?

2/3/2004 11:02:37 PM
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Roy Kiesler [TeamSybase]
SDN CodeXchange -- http://codexchange.sybase.com

"ChrisHart" <chris.hart@turner.com> wrote in message
> Does navigate do a post or a get?  If it does a get how do I do a post?

2/5/2004 12:26:01 AM
i don't know how to do a post but a know what could be a workaround
create a temporary webpage with a form holding all the values you want to
post and a automated submit in its onload attribute and just open this page.

quite strange but should work


2/5/2004 4:30:19 PM

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