Paste as 'picture' or 'text'?!

We have 2 sets of machines that are behaving differently and cannot figure
out why. The application is a PowerBuilder app, which uses an OLE control to
paste it's contents into a large Word doc (the contents for the OLE control
come from the DB and are in Word format).

One set of machines (5 of them) execute this code and the resulting doc has
all this pasted data as Word Text (just as if it were typed in).

The other set of machines (3 of them) execute this same code and the
resulting doc has large picture objects (or Word Document Objects?) that
contain the Word Text inside of them.

We need to figure out what is different on these machines. We have aligned
all the Word settings on all machines, we are running the exact same version
of Word, same OS, etc... we've even scanned the registry and tried some
interesting registry hacks found on the MS knowledge base. But have not
found an answer.

Any ideas/thoughts are appreciated.


8/28/2003 6:35:38 PM
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