How to use method activeX control in PB (Newbie using ActiveX)

Hi all,
This is the first time I'm using activeX in my application, does anyone can
helpme with these problem.
How to use method in activeX because I've got example that come with the ocx
file only with VB6 and I don't know how to used it with PB7.
Call ActiveX_name.CopyTable(filename As String,Creator As
String,SDDI_plugin_name As String, CreateFlag As Integer, VersionMajor As
Integer, VersionMinor As Integer)

6/26/2001 5:28:22 PM
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Hello, fellows, I am trying using ActiveX controls in PB6.5, but when I want to get the properties or call the methods of the activex control, I cannot get the correct string when working in Chinese envirnment. The data type of the properties and the methods of the activex control is string. I have no such problem when the string is english. I test this in PB7 and PB8 also, I have the same problem. I know that the ActiveX control is created by VC++ and in VC++, the data type of all these properties and method of the control is "BSTR". Infact, I think, every ActiveX c...

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hi i'm new in web app. i made control by vb6 that name test.ocx how can use it in html page i use codebase property to put url for this control and ver. put its not work i was see some samples using activex control but in samples i was see puting classid for control how can i know classid for my control or can i use it with out classid this is my code <object id=x codebase="http://localhost/test.ocx#version=1,0,0,0"></object> i used xx poperty fo my contol put i have error in script...Ahmed Abu Dagga hehehe i'm readly stupied i forget regest...

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Hi I want to use a third party activex control .in with c# web application .but it is not working by using OBJECT tag and the clsid . but it works in html page. Is their any other way to use it.........   When creating the virtual directory make sure that in the properties you set it to Scripts Only, Not scripts and exec. Also make sure if you control doesn't show at all that you have the path correct to the control in the provided HTML file, the path has to match in order for it to work.  Also clear the GAC sometimes because it can all get bogged down. Another iss...

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We are writing a PowerBuilder application that can be used as OLE Runtime Automation Server. We are using PowerBuilder 6.0 beta 3. We've built a 32-bit .pbd and made it a DLL ( OLE server ) We've used PowerBuilder sample program PBGENREG.PBL to generate .reg and .tlb (type library) files. We've installed PowerBuilder deployment on Windows NT 4.0 server and tried to register it with the system using "regsvr32.exe" program. We are getting an eror message: "C:\MyOLEServer.dll was loaded, but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found. DllRegisterS...

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I'd like to use Microsoft Web Browser OCX component but PB 6.5 does not recognize any of its properties. This is true for several newer components that I have, while older ones work fine. Any suggestions? Thanks, Steve Griffin ...

how can i use powerbuilder to develop an activex/ole/ocx? help me please!!!
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The following page generates the error when using Windows Standard ActiveX pbrx90.ocx (not Secured ActiveX pbrxs90.ocx). PowerBuilder Application Execution Error (R0069) Application terminated Error: Function SetTransObject cannot be called from a secured runtime session If I remove the <PARAM NAME="PBApplication" VALUE=""></PARAM> or include any value in this PARAM such as <PARAM NAME="PBApplication" VALUE="pb9"></PARAM>, the following errors occur: Start of PowerBuilder VM failed. Return code = -2 PowerBuild...

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