How to detect if the 'cancel' button on Acrobat Reader's PDF print dialog window has been clicked when using Acrobat Reader ActiveX control in Powerbuilder 9

Product name: Acrobat Reader V5.0, Powerbuilder V9
Operating System: Windows XP

I have an Acrobat Reader's ActiveX control on my window application to
present and print PDF files. The application was developed using
Powerbuilder V9. I need to know if a user has just printed a file then
save the printed date into a database. The user can click the 'Cancel'
button on the print dialog window from Acrobat Reader to cancel the
printing. In this case I won't update the printed date. How can I know
if the user has clicked the 'Cancel' button to cancel the printing?
This may involve a bit windows API programming. Can anybody help with
this? Thanks your help in advance.

5/4/2007 12:24:41 AM
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