Different behavior of " encrypt.dll " in PowerBuilder 8 and in Powerbuilder 10.2

Different  behavior of  " encrypt.dll " in PowerBuilder 8 and in 
Powerbuilder 10.2

  1.. Will PB 10.2 support  encrypt.dll  ?
  2.. My code was working in PB 8  but in PB 10 it is not working I don't 
know what is issue
Like if I give password in PB 8 "mike_" it is working fine but same password 
I give in PB 10 then it is not working.

Is any issue with Unicode ?

code of declaration of external fn.

private function ulong n_cst_ssisecurity32_CPP_CONSTRUCTOR() library 

private subroutine n_cst_ssisecurity32_CPP_DESTRUCTOR( ulong th ) library 

public function string n_cst_ssisecurity32of_encryptpassword ( ulong 
ThisHandle, string as_password ) library 'encrypt.dll' alias for 

Calling script

return n_cst_ssisecurity32of_encryptpassword ( ThisHandle, as_password )

if is matching  password with database "mike_" in Pb 8 but it is not 
matching password in PB 10

Please suggest ?

3/28/2006 12:50:06 PM
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