Bug in Sharing Connection Cache between C and ActiveX components

I am using the sample PowerBuilder code that Sybase provides on their web
site.  In the README.TXT for the Server Code, there is this paragraph:

There is an issue that Sybase is still addressing
 with the sharing of a connection cache between a C component
 and an ActiveX component. This will affect the results from
 this sample application if any of the Powerbuilder component
 methods are called after a C component method made use of a
 connection within the same cache. Due to this issue if you
 execute either the RPC, GenerateResultSet, or OLE Automation
 portions of this application after the Datawindow portion of
 the application, you will not receive the intended results.
 Please exit the Powerbuilder client and restart the Jaguar
 Server before running it again.

I'm using Jaguar 1.1.1.  Has this been fixed in either the 1.5 or 2.0
BETA's?  Clearly if this issue still exists, it severly limits the use of
Jaguar in a Production setting.

Chad Bradley

7/7/1998 6:36:34 PM
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