Using dddw's on html dw's

I've posted this to the powerbuilder.datawindow forum but was not quite sure
if that was the correct forum.  Here's the problem:

I've created an html dw that uses 2 dddw's.  It is invoked by the passing of
2 arguments that are passed when then user signs on to the system.  These
arguments are captured in the DynaScript of the html page via  the session

Here are the questions:  (1) How do I pass the initial arguments - company #
and user # - to the primary dddw so that only those records on the table
that the dddw is using are available and (2) when the user clicks the
selection in the primary dddw, how do I pass the updated arguments - which
would now be company #, user # and user selection to the secondary dddw - so
that now only the records in the secondary table are disaplayed?  I've
searched high and low on the forums, documentation, etc. to find an
example - or guidance - and cannot find anything of value.  Any guidance,
ideas or immortal wisdom would be welcome!-)  We are in client-beta testing
and this is a show stopper!-(

We are running NT 4.0 (SP6), EA Server 3.5 C3, EA Studio 3.5 C3 .



1/10/2001 3:11:28 AM
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