server variable in dynamo Personal webserver versus filter in IIS 3.0


This script below worked fine while working with personal web server
from dynamo. 
Now sins I moved on and installed the ISAPI filter for MS IIS 3.0 this
doesn't work anymore.

Any Idea how to solve this? 

The meaning is to read the client-site cookie info and process it in
dynamo to check if a db login is possible.


NOTE: The setDynaCookie does still work fine. 


function setDynaCookie(name,val,days){
        document.write('<script language="JavaScript">');
function getDynaCookie(name){
    var cname = name + "=";
    var dc = document.GetServerVariable( "COOKIE" );
    // var dc = document.GetServerVariable( "cookie" );

    if (dc.length > 0){
        begin = dc.indexOf(cname);
        if (begin != -1){
          begin += cname.length;
          end = dc.indexOf(";", begin);
          if (end == -1) end = dc.length;
          return unescape(dc.substring(begin, end));
    return null;

2/28/2001 9:35:58 PM
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